Trey Coastal is the combination of three minds molded in the coastal city of Oakland, California. In 2017, they released three EP’s:  No Lay-Ups (Side A), No Lay-Ups (Side-B) and Third Rail. Side A is accompanied by a video for the song “Polynesian Sand” which features the group hanging out on an inflatable couch in highly unsanitary Lake Merritt in their hometown. Side B  also includes a pixel-animated video for the track “R1 R2 L1 L2“, which imagines what Oakland might look like if it were a classic video game. 3rd Rail is accompanied by a music video for the song, “The Roof on Fire” featuring fellow Bay Area artist, White Dave. The video portrays the aftermath of what happened at a house party after messing with the Coastal crew’s kicks. In January 2019, they released their 4th EP, Brody! Brodi! Brodé!.